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Cancer Coach Program

The PCCI Inc. is Proud!

We are proud that our program was chosen to be the official education program for the staff at The OTTAWA REGIONAL CANCER FOUNDATION! Organizations wishing to be trained and certified in professional cancer coaching, utilizing our universal model, please contact Jeanette Marshall, Educational Director at jcmarshall@cogeco.ca

Registered Oncology Nurse Testimonial 2013
Dear Jeanette:
What an amazing course!!! This program has enhanced my role as a Breast Care Nurse Navigator tremendously.  The content was well thought out; current, informative and well researched.  It was a true pleasure.  It pushed me in certain areas and I did some extra research to further my knowledge and understanding.  I am so grateful for my journey with this course and am looking forward to educating my patients and sharing my knowledge with my peers.  This has been by far the best oncology course I have taken!  Thank you so much.
Andrea Kassem, RN OCN, CBCN, CBPN-IC,  San Antonio,Texas

Physician Testimonial 2012

As a Physician with many years of training in radiation oncology and psycho-oncology,  I wholeheartedly endorse PCCI Inc./NAPCC trained cancer coaches. My many radiation patients were not always agreeable to see a psychiatrist for coping skills and my psychiatric patients with can cer needed more than a prescription for yet another medication with possible side effects. Both (and all) types of patients will benefit with an NAPCC cancer patient educator at their side to support, educate and empower them.  Until now, I could not find the type of comprehensive care and support for my patients that they needed.  Support with diet, supplements, lifestyle choices and integrative therapies that will make a difference in whether a cancer patient lives or dies.  I will be recommending NAPCC Cancer Coaches to all of my patients from this day forward. Dr. Sara Jenkins MD Radiation-Oncology; Psycho-Oncology, New York City, New York

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Student Testimonial
by Dr. Thalina Lindquist 

I am indebted to this program for the recognition of the lack of information provided by the medical world to those diagnosed with cancer. This excellent correspondence course, The Certified Professional Cancer Coach program, has set me on a path of discovery, and stimulated me to want to know more about cancer and its effects. It has ignited in me an insatiable passion to disseminate the information I have learned to others, whether they have been diagnosed with cancer, are caring for a person with cancer, or need information about preventative measures because they have a family history of cancer. The clarity of the course content has provided me with the knowledge and skills to confidently distribute pertinent information for those diagnosed with cancer. It clearly details the role the individual’s lifestyle has in the development of cancer. It highlights the needs of patients during illness and treatment, and provides practical ways patients can support their own journey through treatment. Information is empowerment, and this course contains all a person living with cancer needs to know from the orthodox and complementary worlds of medicine. It enables newly diagnosed cancer patients to avoid weeks of research and work trying to decipher the information “out there” (eg., the internet). Instead, they can immediately begin taking a positive course of action and become proactive in the management of their illness. They can use the information to help them decide on an optimal combination of treatment that should prove most effective and right for them. An exciting aspect of the course is the tools it provides for creating a “new way of living”, or a complete life reorientation for any person with a serious illness, or wishing to prevent serious illness. Along with information on how to make vital nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, it reveals points of vulnerability in a cancer patient’s life, what he or she needs to change, how to make the change, and how that change will maximise the potential for long-term sustainable health. Most importantly, the profound emotional and spiritual experience of illness and healing comes into clear focus through the material on mind/body medicine. I highly recommend The Certified Professional Cancer Coach program for health professionals who want to work with people living with cancer. By doing the course, they will be able to compassionately and effectively show people dealing with cancer how to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, and guide them along their voyage of discovery. Dr. Thalina Lindquist

Patient Testimonial
I would like to provide my feedback on the NAPCC organization.  I had prostate cancer a couple of years back and went through the removal, radiation and hormonal treatment route.  The medical care I received from my cancer clinic and doctors was bare bones, with no extended services on nutrition, lifestyle or other ways to manage my cancer.  My wife informed me of the NAPCC through a radio talk show she had heard on our local radio station.  I was lucky to engage the services of the director, Jeanette Marshall.  We had an in-depth study in lifestyle changes that turned my life around. The dedication of this organization is remarkable.  The NAPCC stretches across Canada, the USA and is now International. Our local prostate cancer self-help chapter was a bit of a disappointment due to the fact that we bounced back and forth between urologists and oncologists with the same questions and answers.  Never was there a discussion on life adjustments as to our sex life, erectile dysfunction, nutrition, etc.  I can't tell you enough how happy I am that I found this organization.  Contact them at cancercoach@cogeco.ca.  Thank you, Henry Zahara. Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

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This is an education upgrade program for health care practitioners and their patients who wish to focus on integrative applications in order to encourage cancer prevention and recovery. This information is for practitioner use only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or replace traditional treatment, and has not been evaluated by Health Canada. Practitioner graduates of this program are not to say that they can prevent or cure any disease with any of the material or ideas herein. PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACHES INTERNATIONAL INC: The Certified Professional Cancer Coach Program - Copyright 2004 - 2014 Copyright © Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc. (PCCI Inc.) All Rights Reserved. All ideas, systems, methods, and features disclosed herein are the proprietary and confidential information of the PCCI Inc., and their affiliates. Use and/or disclosure without prior express permission is strictly prohibited. PROFESSIONAL CANCER COACHES INTERNATIONAL INC: The Certified Professional Cancer Coach Program - Copyright 2004 - 2014
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